2022 UNFPA Supporter Impact   

From left to right: Amira from Sudan, Mursal from Afghanistan, and Nadia from Ukraine. © UNFPA Sudan, UNFPA Afghanistan, UNFPA Ukraine/Maksym Pichkur

The world saw deepening conflict, widespread hunger, and major climate disasters in the past year. More people became refugees or forcibly displaced in their own countries. A majority of them were women and children. 

But through your support, UNFPA provided humanitarian assistance that had a lifesaving impact for more than 30 million women, girls, and young people in 2022.

UNFPA supporters in the United States and around the world recognized the tremendous needs – and responded with such care. This critical work continues to keep hope alive for millions of women and girls worldwide.   

Read UNFPA’s full 2023 Humanitarian Action Overview here.

Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies 

Distribution of emergency relief in the form of a rapid response kit to flood-affected families in a center for displaced people in Marib, Yemen. Eman received a similar type of assistance. UNFPA Yemen

Your support reached: 

1.4 M women who were able to safely deliver their babies in a crisis 

36,000 personnel trained who received training in sexual and reproductive health service delivery 

50 countries impacted by crisis with critical medical equipment and medicines 

4,500 health facilities, which directly support women and girls on the ground 

6,300 health care personnel with training on the sensitive and timely response of sexual violence 

6.5 M women, girls, and young people with sexuality education and information sessions 

The impact of our supporters has reached millions in crisis across the planet, including those most vulnerable to climate change.  

When the floods in Yemen upended the lives tens of thousands of people already reeling from brutal conflict, UNFPA launched into action. We distributed rapid response kits containing women’s clothing and essential hygiene items such as soap and sanitary pads, along with jerry cans and ready-to-eat food. 

The kits reached over 50,000 families. Thousands have received health and protection services.  

Eman, 28, received a kit after the rains brought down the roof of her family’s shelter. “This kit really came on time and has helped us to eat and dress, as we lost everything we had. We hope that in time, we’ll be able to become self-reliant again.” 

Responding to Violence Against Women in Emergencies 

UNFPA had a lifesaving impact for 2 million women, girls, and young people in 46 countries with humanitarian emergencies by providing violence prevention and protection services.  

Initiatives like these have helped Amira, a displaced mother of six who had to flee her home after her husband was killed in Sudan’s West Darfur region. Thousands of women like her have been left vulnerable by the conflict.  

She received mental health support, and life skills and vocational training, including soap-making, creating perfumes, and baking. After her training, UNFPA provided financing to help her start up and market her business.  

Now, Amira has a safe place to live and is able to support herself. Her children are back at school. She also volunteers at the center where she received help, raising awareness about women’s health and empowerment.  

Supporting Youth in Emergencies

“Rockets were flying above us. It was really scary. The youth camps helped me to deal with my emotions. I felt a bit fested and positive. We should appreciate every day we live”, says Nadia. © UNFPA Ukraine/Maksym Pichkur

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, heavy bombardments have affected the mental health of millions of young people. One way we support Ukrainians is by operating centers that provide mental health counseling for young people across the country.    

Nadia, age 17, is from Chernihiv, a city on the border with Russia and Belarus. She was afriad when rockets began attacking her city. How was she supposed to live her life under constant fire? 

Attending one of the youth camps has helped Nadia look to the future with hope. She said, “After such a difficult time with all the air alarms and the war, we finally felt rested and safe.” 

Nadia says she has amazing memories of her times at the camp. She came back to her family with positive emotions. “We should appreciate every day we live.”   

Rebuilding Lives, Providing Hope 

Mursal, a girl in Afghanistan, is unable to attend school due to government policy. Instead, she works as a UNFPA peer counselor to support girls like her through this difficult time. UNFPA Afghanistan.

Women and girls would have had so many fewer resources to survive emergencies like those in Yemen, Sudan, Ukraine, and Afghanistan if it weren’t for the dedication of our supporters in the United States and around the globe.  

We are continuing to work diligently to provide essential supplies and services to more women, girls, and young people. We are striving to rebuild lives, to provide hope.  

But with reproductive rights under threat around the world, there is still so much to do.  

Together, we must continue to support the health, well-being, and rights of women and girls everywhere. 

We are inspired by the courage and impact of Mursal, 17, a UNFPA peer counselor in Afghanistan – a country embroiled in humanitarian crisis for the past two years. She hopes that she and her peers will be able to go back to school — to fulfill their dreams, achieve their goals, and stand on their own feet.  

“My message to young girls is to not give up. After every dark night is a bright morning. And I wait for that bright morning.” 

-Laurel Dowswell

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