Supporter Spotlight: Steve Rosenberg

Steve Rosenberg has supported USA for UNFPA since 2018 and recently left a bequest to the organization in his will.

Steve Rosenberg made his first gift to USA for UNFPA in 2018 after receiving a letter from us requesting support. He recently decided to include USA for UNFPA in his will. Steve’s reasons for his generosity are personal: “I am 76 and have had significant health problems since birth. In adulthood, I realized that if I were born in a developing country in 1945 with my condition, I would not have survived to grade school age.”

Steve also believes that family planning is necessary to protect children’s health and women’s autonomy. “I know life can be difficult due to circumstances beyond one’s control, but women should be able to control when to have children.”

USA for UNFPA aligns with Steve’s philanthropic goals because of UNFPA’s global reach. “I get to have a worldwide impact,” he recently shared.

He also wants to support institutions with the experience and capacity to effectively carry out the ongoing work of ensuring women’s sexual and reproductive health. “If your car breaks down, you go to a mechanic. If I’m concerned about women’s reproductive rights, then I’m going to support the experts,” he explained.

To join Steve Rosenberg in the USA for UNFPA Legacy Society or to receive more information, please contact Sarah Weatherley, Major and Planned Giving Officer, at sweatherley@ or (646) 481-0834.

Dana Kirkegaard
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