UNFPA IN MOROCCO: Decades of Achievements That Matter

Our hearts are with all those who were impacted by the recent earthquakes in Morocco. As the response develops, we wanted to share just a few examples of UNFPA’s ongoing work in the country.

Known for its rich heritage, Morocco stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of its people, and to the transformative power of positive change. This transformation is most notable in its progress on women’s reproductive health and rights. Since 1975, the UNFPA has been working in Morocco to uplift women, promote reproductive health, and ensure youth have their voices heard. 

Addressing Disparities, Ensuring Rights Amidst Challenges 

Morocco has commendably advanced in vital areas such as access to contraceptives and the reduction of maternal and infant mortality. Recognizing the complexities of these achievements, UNFPA partners alongside these initiatives, offering support in areas like emergency obstetric care and cervical cancer screening services, a predominant cause of mortality among Moroccan women. 

Achievements That Matter 

Reproductive Rights: UNFPA has ensured strategies to align Morocco’s laws, policies, and regulations with reproductive rights, creating a safer environment for women. 

Training Programs: As many as 112 health service providers and managers have been equipped with training on the minimum initial service package. 

Combatting Harmful Norms: An inspiring 18 communities have now developed advocacy platforms to counteract the damaging gender and sociocultural norms affecting women and girls. 

Emergency Obstetric Care: The care provided for mothers and newborns during emergencies is of high quality, meeting global best practices. This has improved the health of mothers during childbirth. 

Supply Chain Strategy: Thanks to careful planning, we’ve ensured a consistent and affordable supply of contraceptives. This means better access for those who need them, leading to improved health and family planning for countless individuals. 

Youth Inclusion: We’ve set up ways to make sure young people have a say in making policies, designing programs, and building peace. 

Cooperatives that support and empower entrepreneurs:  

With increasing temperatures threatening Moroccan forests, the livelihoods and futures of many women and girls are at stake.  

Our insights reveal that climate crises amplify risks such as violence against women and reduce access to essential sexual and reproductive health services. It also endangers the sole source of income for many women, pushing them towards poverty, school dropouts, and harmful practices. 

UNFPA, recognizing these challenges, has initiated a coalition of NGOs to empower women and girls against climate-induced threats.  

For generations, women like Fadma Haddi, who is from the Agadir region, have practiced sustainable harvesting of the Argan trees. These age-old traditions have gained even more significance with the increasing challenges of the global climate crisis. Even though Argan trees are resilient to drought and extreme heat, rising temperatures have led to Morocco’s forests dwindling. 

Fadma earns her livelihood by cultivating Argan trees and extracting their oil. Before joining a women’s cooperative, her income was inconsistent. Now, as a member, she receives a steady monthly payment, saying, “This money supports our household expenses and educates our children.” 

Fadma’s cooperative is a member of the coalition supported by the UNFPA, which champions women amidst climate challenges, providing Argan harvesting employment opportunities, and promoting sustainable cultivation practices. 

Looking ahead, especially in the wake of recent natural disasters, the journey will have its challenges. But UNFPA continues to work tirelessly in collaboration with local communities, and the future is promising. Morocco’s tale is not just one of progress but also of the hope. It’s about women and girls forging a path of resilience and growth, not just for themselves but for the generations to come. 

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