Flooding in Libya: A Humanitarian Crisis   

When Storm Daniel tore through Libya’s northeastern region last week, it did more than just bring heavy rain. It turned streets into rivers, shattered vital infrastructure, and ushered in a tidal wave of grief. The devastation is almost unimaginable: thousands of lives have been lost, two dams broken, and entire cities silenced by the flood’s aftermath. 

Among the most affected are women and girls. With approximately 880,000 people grappling with the aftermath, nearly half are women.  

UNFPA has highlighted that of the impacted, around 230,000 women and girls of reproductive age are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Worryingly, 24,000 of these are pregnant women, emphasizing the urgency for special care. 

The situation has also intensified existing threats. The risk of violence against women and potential exploitation has surged, with many women and girls already struggling in temporary shelters and displaced conditions.

Thanks to our supporters, UNFPA was able to respond within hours of the initial crisis to support women, girls, children, and other survivors on the ground. Here’s our impact so far: 

Mama Kits: Essential care packages for expectant mothers were distributed in Benghazi, offering basic needs for expectant mothers, new mothers, and their newborns. 

Mobile Medical Teams: Mobile teams of medical professionals are now in Benghazi and Derna offering crucial medical assistance. 

Safe Spaces for Women and Girls: UNFPA has set up spaces in Benghazi where women can find safe haven, access essential services, and even get someone to talk to. 

Dignity Kits Distribution: As of September 16th, 1,000 dignity kits, tailored to maintain personal hygiene and dignity for women, have been given those who need them most. 

And UNFPA is still working to assess needs and mobilize additional services and support. But to provide the needed relief efforts across affected regions, UNFPA requires $6.9M in funding. Beyond immediate necessities like food, water, and shelter, there’s an urgent need to ensure the safety of Libya’s women and girls. The strength and spirit of the Libyan people shine bright, but as they rebuild, they need more than just thoughts– they need action, aid, and global support. Every gift can make a difference. 

Be there for women and girls, no matter what

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