USA for UNFPA Statement on Murders in Georgia and Increasing Violence Against Asian-Americans

USA for UNFPA is appalled by the increasing number of hate crimes committed against the Asian community in the United States, particularly the recent murders in Georgia. That the victims of this violent and dreadful attack were primarily Asian women demonstrates the deadly implications of racism and misogyny. 

Nearly 3,800 instances of discrimination against Asians have been reported in the last year, according to Stop AAPI Hate. 

Our mission is to create a world where every single person’s reproductive health needs are met, no matter what. Racism and misogyny prevent people from receiving the care they need and from living the lives they choose – with agency and in safety. 

USA for UNFPA recognizes this rise in violence and hate crimes as a direct result of hateful rhetoric surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, but also notes the long and sad history of anti-Asian discrimination in the United States. Further, while these actions have been carried out by individuals, they are symptoms of larger systemic racism and a culture of white supremacy that we all must take steps to end.  

USA for UNFPA stands with the victims of racist violence, no matter what. 

Dana Kirkegaard
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