Delivering care in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis: UNFPA’s work in Yemen

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The world’s worst humanitarian crisis has been unfolding in Yemen over the last four years. Almost half the country’s health facilities are closed. Medicine and midwives are scarce. And the lives of millions of pregnant women and their babies are in grave danger. 

Even before the war, Yemen was one of the most dangerous places on earth for pregnant mothers. Now, poverty, hunger, and illness have greatly increased the risks not only to pregnant mothers and their babies but to all women and girls. 

Only half of all health facilities in Yemen are functional. Only a third of those functioning are providing reproductive health care. 

© UNFPA Yemen

But UNFPA is there, despite the conflict, ensuring women and girls receive life-saving reproductive health care

Because women do not stop giving birth even during humanitarian circumstances, UNFPA has assisted in over 32,000 safe births. Thanks in part to USA for UNFPA donors, UNFPA also provided over one million dignity kits – kits containing menstrual pads, soap, underwear, a flashlight, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a comb. 

Since rates of violence against women increase during all humanitarian disasters, UNFPA has also played a critical role in protecting women and girls and in providing counseling to those that have experienced any form of violence.  

UNFPA has provided over 35,000 people with counseling and support. UNFPA also operates more than 20 safe spaces and shelters that offer women and girls a place to talk, receive information and care, and participate in recreational activities. UNFPA also directly supports 235 health facilities so they can offer reproductive health care.  

Read more about the life-saving work in Yemen made possible by USA for UNFPA donors.

Dana Kirkegaard
UNFPA assisted in over 32,000 safe child birth deliveries in Yemen last year alone!

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