A lifetime -and a legacy- of advocacy

“Together, we can improve the world long after we’re here to see it.”

Mary Lindsay, one of USA for UNFPA’s co-founders, on why she has named USA for UNFPA in her will and encourages her fellow supporters to do the same.
Mary Lindsay, Co-Founder of USA for UNFPA. Image courtesy of Mary’s family.

Mary Lindsay spent nearly five decades championing women’s sexual and
reproductive health and rights.

The seeds of her advocacy were planted during her travels to countries where access to modern family planning services is severely restricted. She explained why before retiring from public life in 2012:

“It opened my eyes to a harsh reality. Women who lack education and support have very little choice in securing their reproductive health and in creating happy and healthy families. When I got back, my inner voice kept asking, ‘How can I step forward and create a long-term impact?’

“That question led to a lifetime of fighting for the health and dignity of women and girls everywhere.”

“I founded USA for UNFPA because I was determined to prove that even when a U.S. administration cuts funding for UNFPA, Americans would step up to help.”

From there, including USA for UNFPA in her will was the next step for Mary. She was one of the organization’s very first legacy donors:

“UNFPA’s lifesaving services will continue to be vitally important. I simply can’t imagine a more rewarding way to be remembered than knowing that young women and girls will continue to benefit from what I am able to give back. It makes me feel that my time on earth has been even more valuable and worthwhile.”

Dana Kirkegaard
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