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Our hearts go out to those who are experiencing devastating losses as a result of the recent earthquake in Syria and Türkiye.  Among the millions of people who have been affected are 356,000 of pregnant women in urgent need of access to maternal health care services.
Periods, pregnancy, and childbirth don’t stop when emergencies occur. UNFPA is on the ground in the affected areas working with local partners and scaling up services. Mobile health teams have been deployed providing reproductive health services to survivors and distributing dignity kits, containing necessary basic supplies including menstrual hygiene products and warm clothing.
We hope you join us in ensuring women and girls can access lifesaving reproductive and maternal health services, no matter what. Together, we can act now to deliver lifesaving care to where it is needed most.
A pair of catastrophic earthquakes struck Syria and Turkiye on 6 February, killing thousands of people and injuring many more, with the numbers expected to rise as rescuers scramble to pull survivors from the rubble in freezing conditions. Some 15 million people live in the 10 provinces affected by the earthquakes, including an estimated 1.5 million refugees.
“We were too scared. We left our houses immediately and couldn’t take anything for the birth, not a single baby cloth. There was no one to communicate with and no place to stay. We felt helpless.”
Buseyna fled her home in Adıyaman, one of the cities worst hit by the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkiye and Syria. The nearest hospitals were overwhelmed with casualties, so Busenya travelled over 50 miles with her mother to Şanlıurfa. There, she sought help from a UNFPA women and girls’ safe space. She gave birth to a baby girl, Meha, at the safe space. “You reached us, helped with the birth and gave me a bag with everything we needed,” she told UNFPA.
With your support, we can strengthen maternal health services, gender-based violence support provisions and ensure every individual, like Busenya, can access the care they need, no matter what.


Provides twenty pregnant woman with emergency birth kits, so they can bring their babies into the world as safely as possible despite an emergency.


Provides five new mothers with a mama kit so they have everything they need to care for themselves and their newborns after birth.


Provides 25 women and girls with a dignity kit, which enables them to manage their period after being displaced.


We believe that women’s rights are human rights – and we are working hard to ensure that they are protected as such. Here are our areas of work: 
Empowering Women to Plan Their Pregnancies 
Worldwide half of all pregnancies are unintended. That’s why we’re distributing critical family planning services – contraception, counseling services, comprehensive reproductive health care, and more – throughout the world.  
In 2021 alone, we helped prevent 12.7 million unintended pregnancies through our services.  
Keeping Motherhood Safe
Every two minutes a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth from a cause that could be prevented. Every day, this amounts to over 800 needless deaths. That’s why we’re working around the world to ensure that women have the care they need to survive pregnancy and childbirth – especially in areas torn apart by conflict.  
In 2021 alone, we helped to deliver 1.5 million babies in fragile settings and prevented 39,000 maternal deaths through UNFPA-supplied contraception.
Protecting Women and Girls 
Globally, 1 in 3 women have experienced violence, including harmful practices like child marriage and female genital mutilation. Survivors of violence can suffer sexual and reproductive health consequences, including unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, traumatic fistula, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and even death. And all too often violence is tolerated or carried out by the people a woman loves and trusts most: her partner or her family. 
We advocate for policies that protect women’s health and rights and further gender equality – and we support survivors of violence with medical care, legal aid, mental health counseling, and safe housing. 
Delivering care in Emergencies 
When crisis strikes, women and girls are among the MOST vulnerable. We work closely with local communities to ensure that the reproductive health of women and girls is sustained during emergency responses.
We help deliver menstrual hygiene supplies, provide safe delivery and family planning services, and deploy trained personnel to support women and girls during  vulnerable times. 
Give with Confidence to USA for UNFPA 
Every dollar you give is used efficiently to provide lifesaving support for women and girls. Any amount helps and your kindness truly makes a difference. 
We receive 4 out of 4 stars from Charity Navigator for accountability and transparency!  

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