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As the crisis in Yemen continues, UNFPA is delivering reproductive health services to women and girls in need. USA for UNFPA’s supporters help make this possible.

As of December of last year, 22.2 million people – 75 percent of the population – were in need of humanitarian assistance. In fact, two thirds of the population lack reliable access to quality food. 1.1 million pregnant women are malnourished. 16.4 million people lack access to basic health services.

“I was in constant fear for myself, my kids, husband and the baby inside me,” said Aisha, who had to flee from her home in Hodeida.

To help women like Aisha, UNFPA has launched the ‘Stay Safe Mama’ project so that women in Yemen can deliver their babies safely. ‘Stay Safe Mama’ provides health facilities with medication and essential supplies and staffs maternity units with gynecologists and midwives. The project will also support midwives in local communities so that even when women cannot make it to the hospital, they can still access the care they need and deserve.

When it came time to deliver, Aisha was referred to a UNFPA-supported facility by her sister. “The care I received at the center was beyond what I expected,” she told UNFPA.

USA for UNFPA supporters helped make this incredible work possible.

As a result of its efforts, UNFPA has reached nearly one million vulnerable women and girls with reproductive health care and vital protection services that help keep them safe from violence and abuse.

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