During the most desperate situations such as the aftermath of a natural disaster or during a conflict, UNFPA distributes basic supplies to maintain the health and dignity of women and girls. Many of these supplies are included inside containers called dignity kits. These kits are given out at refugee camps or other similar locations.

Contents of a UNFPA Dignity Kit

UNFPA’s dignity kits vary across communities. In some setting for example, they may include a headscarf. Generally, they contain menstrual pads, bath soap, multiple pairs of underwear, detergent powder, sanitary napkins, a flashlight, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a comb, all housed inside a backpack or easy-to-carry bucket. Each of these items is catered to the specific needs of women and girls.

Ensure Safe Birth Even in Disaster
A UNFPA Clean Delivery Kit

UNFPA also distributes clean delivery kits, packages containing items essential for a safe birth in even the most difficult circumstances. Since even during disasters women do not stop giving birth, these kits contain a razor blade, blanket, sterile gloves, a plastic draping sheet, a clamp, soap, and photo instructions for safe delivery.

Through these objects, UNFPA makes a large and positive impact. With low cost, yet essential items, UNFPA helps women survive trying and often desperate situations.

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-Cecilia Katzenstein