Noa Gafni
Noa Gafni is the Managing Director at FSG where she works with companies to drive innovation through impact and inclusion. Noa began her career as an entrepreneur, founding a social network for women in 2005. She then joined the founding digital team at Hearst Magazines as Head of Social Media. After completing her MBA at London Business School, Noa joined the World Economic Forum as a Global Leadership Fellow and the Head of Communications for the Global Shapers Community. Shortly after leaving the World Economic Forum, Noa launched Impact Squared, a movement-building consultancy that worked with UNICEF, International Crisis Group and a number of leading foundations before joining forces with Dalberg. In 2019, Noa joined the RICSI as its founding Executive Director. Noa is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and New York Times, and a Social Innovation Fellow at the University of Cambridge.