Circle of Friends: Monthly Donors Provide a Lifeline to Women and Girls in Need

United Nations Volunteer Justine Mwangwi with a newborn baby and relatives of the mother.

Bonnie Catena supports USA for UNFPA because she knows that it will take a sustained commitment to reach the day when women are free to decide whether and when to have children.

In addition to providing reliable support that enables USA for UNFPA to plan more efficiently, Bonnie gives monthly because she is reminded of the impact of her generosity each time her gifts are processed:

“Every month, I know I’m helping a woman plan her family. I’m protecting a girl from child marriage. I’m making sure that an expectant mother survives childbirth,” Bonnie says.

“UNFPA provides the resources women need to control their bodies and plan their families. That requires sustained support, which is why I give monthly.”

Bonnie Catena, donor since 2017

Please join Bonnie today by becoming the newest member of Circle of Friends. If you already give monthly, please consider increasing the amount you donate. Even an additional $5/month can provide a woman with a clean delivery kit to give birth more safely when healthcare isn’t available.

To enroll or increase the amount of your monthly gifts, complete the form included with this newsletter or visit If you have any questions about monthly giving, contact Addison Altholz, Senior Development Associate, at or (646) 649-9105. Thank you for your support!

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