Urgent Appeal: Send an Emergency Birth Kit to Yemen now

Pregnant women, new mothers and newborns urgently need your help

Almost six years of war, the coronavirus pandemic and a serious lack of funding mean that childbirth is a matter of life and death for women and babies in Yemen.

An ‘Emergency Birth Kit’ can save lives when women are forced to deliver their babies under challenging conditions. These kits contain the supplies needed to prevent infection during childbirth, one of the leading causes of maternal mortality globally.

These kits contain supplies including:

  • soap
  • a sterile plastic sheet
  • a razor blade
  • an umbilical cord tie
  • a blanket
  • latex gloves

Send an emergency birth kit. Your act of kindness could save a life — or two – in Yemen.

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Chadeira Moore
For the health and
dignity of women and girls

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